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The All-new BMW 3 Series is Officially Put into Production

May 08, 2019

(Shenyang/Beijing) The locally produced all-new BMW 3 Series has just made its world premiere under the spotlight of 2019 Shanghai Auto Show. As scheduled, it was now officially put into production at the BMW Brilliance (BBA) Plant Tiexi. With the cutting-edge infrastructure of the BBA Plant Tiexi and the intensive application of “Industry 4.0” technology, the all-new BMW 3 Series implements a “Zero Defect” production concept throughout its production process, to ensure its premium quality.

The new generation 3 Series adopts a new design language with the concept of “Precision and Poetry”. The car body applies more hot formed high-strength steel which increases the overall rigidity by 25%, and specific area of the chassis by up to 50%, placing higher requirements on the production. The advanced production technology of the press shop guarantees the premium quality of the all-new BMW 3 Series.

Over 8,000 welding joints connects the pressing parts into a precise body. The number of welding robots has increased to more than 700. A total of 14 welding techniques have been used in the production process, making the body more rigid.

In order to provide the new model with a bright and durable colour, the all-new BMW 3 Series has six layers of coatings. The Galvanic Gold & Portimao Blue are the 2 brand new colours introduced to the all-new BMW 3 Series. It takes more than 10 rounds of testing to get the ideal effect of Galvanic Gold as it is a very challenging colour compared with others. In the paint shop, the new model adopts “pure wax” to reduce the VOC emissions in the car and therefore provides a healthier in-car environment.

The entire production process is closely monitored by digital systems, which means almost all parameters can be detected and corrected before an error occurs, achieving a “Zero Defect” ideal production process. This ensures that every all-new BMW 3 Series produced at Plant Tiexi is delivered in top quality.

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